About Trimm Publishing

Trimm Publishing is a new, independent publishing company founded by Jessica Trimm and Joseph Combs.

With a passion for literature and a desire to support emerging authors, Trimm Publishing was created as a platform to showcase diverse and innovative voices in the publishing industry.

At Trimm Publishing, we believe that everyone has a unique story to tell and we are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for authors to share their work with the world. We offer a range of publishing services, including editing, design, marketing, and distribution, to help our authors achieve their publishing goals.

Jessica Trimm and Joseph Combs are the driving force behind Trimm Publishing and bring a wealth of experience to the company. Jessica has a background in marketing and publishing, with a particular focus on digital media. Joseph is a skilled designer with a passion for creating visually stunning books. Together, Jessica and Joseph have formed a strong team that is dedicated to bringing high-quality, beautifully designed books to readers around the globe.

In addition to their work at Trimm Publishing, Jessica and Joseph are also the team behind URGrafix, a successful design firm that has worked with a wide range of clients in the publishing, fashion, and corporate industries. Their expertise and knowledge of the design and publishing world make them uniquely qualified to help authors bring their visions to life.

At Trimm Publishing, we are committed to supporting and uplifting diverse voices in the literary community. We believe that representation matters and strive to publish a wide range of books that reflect the diversity of our world. Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out, we welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

If you’re interested in publishing your work with Trimm Publishing, we encourage you to submit your manuscript for consideration. Our team is always looking for fresh, exciting voices and we can’t wait to see what you have to offer. Thank you for considering Trimm Publishing as the home for your work.