Is your business the right type of business to benefit from advertising in a stoner activity book?

Are you wondering if advertising in a stoner activity book is right for your business? This type of advertising can be a unique and effective way to reach a specific audience, but it’s important to consider whether or not your business aligns with the interests and values of this audience. In this article, we’ll explore the types of businesses that may benefit from advertising in a stoner activity book.

  1. Head shops or smoke shops
  2. Cannabis dispensaries or delivery services
  3. Cannabis-themed clothing or accessory brands
  4. Music festivals or events with a relaxed atmosphere or marijuana-friendly policies
  5. Recreational or adventure companies (e.g. rafting, camping, hiking) that cater to a laid-back or outdoorsy demographic
  6. Breweries or bars with a relaxed or “chill” atmosphere
  7. Health and wellness companies that offer products or services that are complementary to the use of marijuana (e.g. massage therapy, yoga studios)
  8. Art or craft supply stores or studios
  9. Printing or promotional product companies that offer custom-branded merchandise or marketing materials
  10. Food or beverage companies that offer products that are popular among marijuana users (e.g. snack foods, non-alcoholic drinks)

If your business falls into any of the categories listed above, then advertising in a stoner activity book may be a good fit for your business. These types of businesses are likely to appeal to the target audience of the book and may see a positive return on investment from advertising in it. It is important to carefully consider your target audience and marketing goals when deciding whether or not to advertise in any publication.

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